An argument in favor of judaism over christianity islam and buddhism

The winner in the dispute will be able to demonstrate that his system of belief provides the preconditions for human rationality, so that science, logic and ethics are even possible.

Argument from religious experience

Judaism has the linear worldview and time unlike of two Indo-European religions: Kraemer highlighted a link between arguments of religious experience and self-righteousness perception of superiority over those who do not receive providence. But these arguments do demonstrate the high degree of improbability of any of them being true.

Major Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism

If a sovereign God exists, man is determined, not free: A few atheists, like B. Second, whereas the direct action of God may cut off one type of explanation, others will remain and may even be enhanced.

This definition of science assumes that the world can be explained without God, which is the very point in issue.

Then, in the first case, if we believe that the stories of Christ's resurrection provide us with complete certitude of the truth of Christianity, we will be warranted in concluding that all of the other religions are losers, i. First, the argument is based on ignorance of all the different ways in which Christian faith can enter into science and of how fruitful these have been.

This argument assumes that the mind of man is autonomous from God. Is that truly love. By excluding supernatural explanations from the outset, it is a foregone conclusion that the In this sense, the only possible science is creation science.

It is no longer "The heathen in his blindness," but rather "We worship the same god, but under different names and in different ways. These latter examples don't lend themselves so readily to public scrutiny.

Yet somehow Mackie allows himself to substitute for this question the irrelevant one as to whether the believers in one religion are overtly hostile to the believers in other religions.

Lewis argued that, if evolutionary naturalism is accepted, human morality cannot be described as absolute and objective because moral statements cannot be right or wrong. He ventures the dubious claim that a new ecumenical spirit is abroad and that it offers promise of reconciling believers.

After all, if you have good reason to think that others have been led to false beliefs by relying on evidence of a certain kind, and you have been relying on evidence of the very same kind, then you will have good reason to think that it has probably led you to false beliefs as well.

Compare Christianity, Islam and Judaism

For, from the context, it is clear that he is talking only about those differences that are distinctive of each religion, those that mark it out from other religions. Or perhaps you weren't relying on second-hand reports.

Social, political, economic, and other factors may play their parts. Skinner, have been courageous enough to embrace determinism; but most claim that the human will is spontaneously free.


What is the most persuasive argument that God in Judaism, Christianity and Islam exists? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. Al Berko. Answered Aug 22, · Author has k answers and k answer views. Is Judaism, Christianity or Islam more materialistic? Ask New Question.

The destruction of the world (via nuclear weaponry, because said religions claim divine favor for themselves over and against other groups, based on unverifiable appeals to God that cannot be adjudicated objectively, seems increasingly possible.

Aug 26,  · It's not the complexity that is the issue. It is the organization, the existence of information, the organization of the information, repair, reproduction, balance.

Judaism shares many similar teachings with Christianity and Islam and is years old, making it one of the oldest religions of the world.

The Rivalry Between Religions (2007)

Jews believe in Moses as and their holy book is the Torah. Rabbi Professor Daniel Sperber. The argument from religious experience is an argument for the existence of God.

It holds that the best explanation for religious experiences is that they constitute. I'm following the line of thinking of Richard Dawkins, and if any theists/atheists could help me out if I'm conflating the term, but if someone.

An argument in favor of judaism over christianity islam and buddhism
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