Effects of optimism on physical and psychological health essay

Clinics should develop an application form of optimism concept in Applied Psychology and in Psychotherapy.

Over two years, people who had a positive outlook were much more likely to stay healthy and enjoy independent living than their less cheerful peers.

In a naturalistic study of community-dwelling women, optimism had different relationships to T cell percentages in peripheral blood and NKCC depending on whether stressors were brief or prolonged Cohen et al. In my personal opinion I agree that optimism has an impact on physical health and it could be negative or positive.

These data have been confirmed in a subsequent longitudinal study on a population of males aged between 64 - 84 years in which an inverse correlation was reported between dispositional optimism and the risk of cardiovascular death [ 13 ]. Why it won't happen to me: When control either actual or perceived was available, optimistic participants had higher NKCC than pessimistic participants.

There is evidence that optimistic people present a higher quality of life compared to those with low levels of optimism or even pessimists [ 3738 ].

Optimism and your health

In reference to oncological patients, Schulz et al. Optimism and Psychological Health According to Thuen and Riseoptimism affects our psychological well-being in part through coping strategies.

A large, short-term study evaluated the link between optimism and overall health in 2, older adults.

Optimism and Its Impact on Mental and Physical Well-Being

However, these interpretations contradict direct evidence that optimists are ordinarily not disappointed by negative or difficult outcomes. According to this view, by virtue of having generally positive thoughts and feelings, optimists set themselves up for disappointment if the positive future they envision does not materialize.

The role of optimism in the quality of life has also been investigated in depressive disorders emerging in patients suffering from somatic pathologies, such as acute coronary syndrome, for instance in which a significant inverse correlation was found between dispositional optimism and level of satisfaction in life on one hand and depressive symptoms emerging after the cardiovascular event on the other hand [ 12 ].

Peterson C, Seligman ME. Both in fact exert a fundamental role in adaptive management of critical circumstances in life and of goals to reach. Dispositional optimism and all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in a prospective cohort of elderly dutch men and women.

As a matter of fact, application form of optimism concept should be integrated in treatments and prevention programs respectively in mental and physical health, to improve well-being. Wrosch and Scheier [ 34 ] evidenced two variables capable of influencing quality of life: News bulletins also have to compete with entertainment programs for their audience and for their prime-time TV slot, and seem to do this by emphasizing emotionally relevant material such as crime, war, famine, etc.

When things go wrong in a big way, the optimist may be particularly vulnerable. Unrealistic optimism about future life events.

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This is an open access article licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License http:. In this paper we will be discussing the effects of optimism on both physical and psychological health.

We will be gathering our facts from two peer reviewed articles that I researched in the University Library.

Effects of Optimism on Psychological and Physical Health

The main hypothesis on moderating effects of optimism on health outcomes is that the personal attribute of optimism moderates the psychological effects of stress as shown in physical symptoms, loss of self-esteem, and burnout (Fry, ).

Optimism and Health Melanie Chapman PSY/ April 7, Kathleen Sturgess Optimism and Health In this paper we will be discussing the effects of optimism on both physical and psychological health.

We will be gathering our facts from two peer reviewed articles that I researched in the University Library. Psychological Effects of War Essay.

Psychological Effects of War. The morality of wars have often been a subject of debate - Psychological Effects of War Essay introduction. There is no doubt that wars cause economic and ecological problems, aside from the lives that are destroyed.

PSY Assignment: Optimism and Health Paper Many research projects have been completed that discuss the effects of optimism on physical and psychological health.

Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum• Find a peer reviewed article which discusses the effects. They found optimism had a remarkable impact on physical health. The study examined overall longevity, survival from a disease, heart health, immunity, cancer outcomes, pregnancy outcomes, pain tolerance, and other health topics.

Effects of optimism on physical and psychological health essay
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