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Francis McComas were unsympathetic. Both Prometheus and Equality were punished for trying to help and improve mankind. He finds out that solitude suits him and he starts to crave more and more time alone. Similarly, Prometheus steals fire from Zeus in order to give it to the humans.

Her independence of evaluation is responsible for the vitality of her emotional life in contrast to the desiccated existences of her peers. Continuing his scientific work, Equality rediscovers electricity.

Horrified that he has done unauthorized research, they assail him as a "wretch" and a "gutter cleaner" and say he must be punished. Equalitywho later renames himself Prometheus, believes in individualism and rejects the collectivist society around him.

Their stories are similar and Rand chose these names because they truly represent what these characters show us. He knows he wants to be a scientist, he wonders about the Unspeakable Word, he performs secret experiments and woos the Golden One though both are strictly forbidden.

He begins sneaking away from his community to use the tunnel as a laboratory for scientific experiments. Like her lover, she commits the "sin" of preference — and does so proudly.

Liberty being the mother of the new gods shows the similarity of Gaea because it will be the new beginning of civilization and duplication of the people within their society. Equality is also similar to a Titan since he is the first of a new line of free people.

The other members of this society are emotionless drones because their lives are empty. Logically, his independent functioning leads to the re-discovery of independence. They have chosen to blindly follow the state, to seek no personal values, and consequently, to experience no great passion.

They want to destroy his discovery so it will not disrupt the plans of the World Council and the Department of Candles. She was one of the sources for the continuation of life.

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Gaea was another allusion to the goddess of Earth and mother of the Titans. Equality on the other hand brought a form of electricity, the light bulb to his fellow men. She, too, has a mind of her own that refuses to blindly follow the authorities.

We wish to write this name. So what exactly are the similarities and what do they each represent. Great creative thinkers such as Equality are motivated by the love of their work — whether it is biology, medicine, or physics or in such areas of the humanities as literature, music, or philosophy.

In a preface to a reprint edition of his novel, Silverberg said he had read Anthem inbut had long forgotten it when he wrote A Time of Changes. Leonard Peikoff explains the meaning behind this title: Also, he was smart enough to create electricity, which no one had done since the Unmentionable Times.

In the forest, Equality sees himself as damned for having left his fellow men, but he enjoys his freedom. Prometheus and Gaga: Any Rand’s Choice of Characters Throughout Greek mythology Prometheus Is known as the fire bearing Titan who rebelled against Zeus and saved the world from his curse of a hatless and lightness punishment.

We will write a custom essay sample on Anthem Analysis specifically for you for only $ $/page. Equality and Liberty, the names Prometheus and Gaea. Prometheus stole fire from the gods, and gave it to the humans, and Gaea was the mother of earth and of all gods.

Liberty is renamed Gaea, a connection to the goddess of the earth and mother of the Titans. “.I have read of a man who lived many thousands of years ago, and of all the names in these books, his is the one I. Having rediscovered individuality, they give themselves new names from the books: Equality becomes "Prometheus" and Liberty becomes "Gaea".

Gaea is pregnant with Prometheus' child. Prometheus wonders how men in the past could have given up their individuality; he. Gaea is more of a: “Equality is my god”. (Liberty to Equality “Your will be done ”). Although I hate how she submits herself too much to EqualityI. Liberty (or The Golden One, as so named by Equality) is a perfect match for Equality She, too, has a mind of her own that refuses to blindly foll Liberty (Gaea).

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