Sustainable production practices and determinant factors

Sustainable Supply Chain Design: A Configurational Approach

Regarding the internal factors, Hb1 is not supported. European Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management 7 1: The fast economic growth of China has greatly relied on the extensive expansion of manufacturing industries which produce resource.

Water supply and use. A review of the literature on SSC practices, processes, and structures is discussed in Section 4. Top management support can affect the success of new initiatives by facilitating employee involvement or by promoting a cultural shift in the company, for example.

Companies gave higher scores to the pressures from external stakeholders. An empirical analysis of green supply chain management in the German automotive industry.

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The decline of ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, the Mediterranean region, Pre-Columbian southwest U. The other half is non. Preventive strategies and other alternatives should be employed before using chemical inputs from any source.

In addition to strategies for preserving natural resources and changing production practices, sustainable agriculture requires a commitment to changing public policies, economic institutions, and social values.

International Journal of Purchasing and Material Management 34 2: Therefore, stewardship of both natural and human resources is of prime importance. The search results were refined by keeping engineering, management, business, and environmental science categories and excluding other categories.

Application of Statistics and Management in Chinese 25 4: Corporate environmental management CEM has been moving from traditional pollution control and risk management towards product life.

The other important question is how to discuss the effects of GSCM activities, positive or negative, on the changes in performance of companies in the supply chain. Achieving sustainability through attention to human resource factors in environmental management.

Temporary solutions include the use of salt-tolerant cropslow-volume irrigation, and various management techniques to minimize the effects of salts on crops. This indicates that the adoption of GSCM practices of Chinese companies is probably more responsive to non.

At the same time, the close proximity of newly developed residential areas to farms is increasing the public demand for environmentally safe farming practices.

Enhancement of soil quality is discussed in the next section. This change may be attributed to the different location of the study areas. While large companies can mandate their supplies to comply with certain environmental initiatives, cooperative approaches are likely to be more fruitful.

Sustainable farmers, however, maximize reliance on natural, renewable, and on-farm inputs. Regression results for robustness test of the mediating function from external stakeholders do not necessarily lead to GSCM in reality.

It also considers waste reduction in all stages of the supply chain and involves cradle-to-grave product management in supply chain management [ 22 — 24 ].

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The moral and ethical debate taking place today regarding animal welfare is particularly intense for confined livestock production systems. Attitudes of US and European managers to supplier selection and assessment and implication for business performance.

There are no obvious changes in the signi?. Sustainable Production Practices and Determinant Factors of Green Supply Chain Management of Chinese Companies; Sustainable Production Practices and Determinant Factors of Green Supply Chain Management of Chinese Companies.

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Philip Beske, Anna Land and Stefan Seuring, Sustainable supply chain management practices and dynamic capabilities in the food industry: A critical analysis of the literature, International Journal of Production Economics,(), (). This study investigates the determining factors that drive sustainable performance through the application of lean methods in the primary production segment of the horticultural supply chain for apples and pears.

practices in SMEs CGmA® Tools In conjunction with: Such factors have contributed to three in every five UK SMEs (60%) requires that we adopt a sustainable vision and put in place sustainable practices.

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Sustainable production practices and determinant factors
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